Key West Sunset Body Cream

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Why Choose Hines+Young

Sustainable Aluminum & Glass Packaging

Natural Origin Ingredients

All Products are Cruelty Free

Female Founded & Family Owned

Partnered with Waterkeeper Alliance

An anti-aging mix of premium ingredients make up this nutrient-dense body cream that delivers deep hydration to strengthen the skin barrier.  Our products contain natural ingredients so color variation is normal. 

    • Organic Aloe: Natural humectant and rich in mucopolysaccharides. Bonds moisture to the skin for easy absorption.
    • Organic rosehip & organic evening primrose oil: Brightening & combats dryness.

    • Vitamin B-5: Helps skin retain moisture.

    • Lavender: Calming & antibacterial

    • Chamomile: Anti-redness & tightens pores.

    • Organic coconut oil, arnica & calendula: anti-inflammatory properties.

  • Organic jojoba and organic sunflower oils: Ceramide superstars. Strengthen the skin barrier and create long-lasting hydration.
  • Tamanu, Macadamia and Borage Oils - An essential fatty acid trio high in antioxidants and vitamin E. Reduce visible signs of aging and nourish dry skin.
  • Arnica Montana and Chamomile Extract - Ultra-soothing plant extracts. Rejuvenate skin and enhance its natural glow.


The smell of summer vacation, Key West Sunset is a warm scent with notes of creamy coconut, comforting cocoa butter, and rich amber. We think of sunbaked beach towels, an indulgent rum cocktail, and toes in the sand.

Fragrance Notes:

    • Cocoa Butter

    • Creamy Vanilla

    • Warm Coconut

A note from Cheryl: Key West Sunset is my favorite because it reminds me of being in Key West when the sun sets, drinking a pina colada and applauding with everyone who has gathered to watch the sun disappear for the day. Magic!

Massage generously into skin.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Anne-Rose C.
Instant Gratification…

My skin immediately felt velvety - lasted all day. Beautiful scent combo - a bit strong at first - then dissipates into a soft and lingering cloud. Have received many compliments.

Kristi B.
Love this one!

I’m absolutely head over heels about this body cream and this fragrance! It is absolutely wonderful, and it isn’t too overwhelming. It leaves the skin feeling soft while smelling absolutely delightful. I’m hooked!

Jennifer F.
Favorite body cream

Love this scent and the creamy moisturizer. I use it every morning and evening. Wish I could bottle the scent and spray it on me through out the's a light, powdery, buttery coconut with a slight tropical floral essence. Can't get enough of this!

Gwen R.
A sun drenched vacation in a tin!

I really love all the Hines and Young Body Creams, but the Key West Sunset is my favorite! The delicious, blush tinted, whipped cream absorbs quickly and is truly luxurious. It’s an affordable indulgence in guilt free packaging.

Elle M.

This scent is gorgeous! I can not stop opening the tin to smell it. The lotion itself makes my skin feel silky smooth and hydrated for hours. Another Hines + Young product that will become a staple in my self care routine. :)