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Signature Fragrances

Pacific Isle

A confident and intoxicating blend of exotic island bouquets, fresh-juiced lime and a hint of captivating chamomile, Pacific Isle is relaxing, tropical and complex. We’re reminded of a stroll in lush, tropical, paradise.

Fragrance Notes:
◆ Frangipani
◆ Chamomile
◆ Fresh Squeezed Lime 

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Key West Sunset

The smell of summer vacation, Key West Sunset is a warm scent with notes of creamy coconut, comforting cocoa butter, and rich amber. We think of sunbaked beach towels, an indulgent rum cocktail, and toes in the sand.

Fragrance Notes:
◆ Cocoa Butter
◆ Creamy Vanilla
◆ Warm Coconut

A note from Cheryl: Key West Sunset is my favorite because it reminds me of being in Key West when the sun sets, drinking a pina colada and applauding with everyone who has gathered to watch the sun disappear for the day. Magic!

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Capri Honeymoon

Sophisticated, refreshing, mysterious, Capri Honeymoon combines the sensual scent of jasmine and a soft hint of Bergamot. Think: romantic getaways, summer nights in the garden, and the perfect Aperol spritz.

Fragrance Notes:
◆ Jasmine flower
◆ Bergamot
◆ Fresh linen

A note from Cat: I’m obsessed with Capri honeymoon. It’s my favorite because it’s so luxurious. The floral notes encapsulate the feeling of a Capri summer day. (Or what I imagine a Capri summer day to be like! Maybe one day I’ll find out.)

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Hyannis Seagrass

Hyannis Seagrass: A clean scent with notes of fresh sage, crisp sea salt, woody cedar, and earthy tonka bean, Hyannis Seagrass is invigorating and inspiring. Think: Ocean air, skinny dipping and sunshine.

Fragrance Notes:
◆ Fresh sage
◆ Woody cedar
◆ Tonka Bean

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