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Our 4 oz Pacific Isle soy wax candle with a "beautiful you" engraved lid- for someone special, or just a reminder for yourself!

Ignite Romance with Hines+Young's "Beautiful You" Limited Edition Candle

Elevate your Valentine's Day celebrations with the enchanting allure of Hines+Young's "Beautiful You" limited edition candle. Crafted with care and adorned with a heartfelt message, this 4oz soy wax candle is a symbol of love, beauty, and indulgence.


Fragrance Inspired by Paradise: Immerse yourself in the essence of paradise with our Pacific Isle fragrance. A confident and intoxicating blend of exotic island bouquets, fresh-juiced lime, and a hint of captivating chamomile, Pacific Isle transports you to lush, tropical realms where love blossoms and dreams take flight.


A Sensory Escape: Let the harmonious notes of frangipani, chamomile, and fresh-squeezed lime envelop your senses, creating an ambiance of relaxation, romance, and bliss. With every flicker of the flame, indulge in moments of pure serenity and connection.


Engraved Message for a Personal Touch: As a special touch for Valentine's Day, the top of the tin of this limited edition candle is elegantly engraved with the message "Beautiful You." Perfect for expressing your love and appreciation to that special someone or treating yourself to a moment of self-care and reflection.


Crafted with Conscious Luxury: Like all Hines+Young products, our "Beautiful You" candle is thoughtfully crafted with clean beauty ingredients and sustainable practices. Each candle is meticulously poured with premium soy wax, ensuring a clean, long-lasting burn that fills your space with love and light.


Create Unforgettable Moments: Whether you're celebrating with your significant other, pampering yourself with a luxurious self-care ritual, or surprising a loved one with a heartfelt gift, let the "Beautiful You" candle from Hines+Young set the stage for unforgettable moments filled with love, beauty, and joy.


Limited Edition for Valentine's Day: Embrace the magic of Valentine's Day with the "Beautiful You" candle from Hines+Young. Order now to experience the epitome of romance and luxury, and make this Valentine's Day truly unforgettable.


Indulge in the essence of love and beauty with Hines+Young's "Beautiful You" candle. Because you deserve nothing less than pure enchantment.