Mi Amor Message Candle

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Our 4 oz. Capri Honeymoon soy wax candle tin with a special Mi Amor message.

Experience Romance in Every Flicker with Hines+Young's "Mi Amor" Engraved Candle

Embrace the essence of love and passion with Hines+Young's "Mi Amor" engraved candle. As a symbol of devotion and affection, this 4oz wax candle is a tribute to romance, crafted with care to ignite the flames of desire and enchantment.


Captivating Scent of Capri Honeymoon: Transport yourself to a world of romance and mystery with our Capri Honeymoon fragrance. Sophisticated, refreshing, and mysterious, this enchanting blend combines the sensual scent of jasmine flower with a soft hint of bergamot, reminiscent of romantic getaways and summer nights in the garden.


A Sensory Journey: Let the harmonious notes of jasmine flower, bergamot, and fresh linen envelop your senses, creating an ambiance of elegance, allure, and intimacy. With each delicate wisp of fragrance, embark on a journey of passion and connection.


Engraved Message for Endless Love: As a tribute to timeless romance, the top of the tin of this candle is elegantly engraved with the message "Mi Amor." Whether you're expressing your love to a cherished partner or treating yourself to a moment of self-love and appreciation, this engraved candle is a symbol of eternal devotion.


Crafted with Care and Consciousness: Like all Hines+Young products, our "Mi Amor" candle is crafted with integrity and compassion. Vegan, cruelty-free, and made with all-natural ingredients, this candle embodies our commitment to clean beauty and sustainability. With recyclable packaging and a phthalate-free, paraben-free formula, you can indulge in romance with peace of mind.


Create Moments of Magic: Whether you're celebrating a special occasion, surprising your beloved with a heartfelt gesture, or simply seeking to infuse your space with love and passion, let the "Mi Amor" candle from Hines+Young be your beacon of light. Illuminate your moments with warmth, tenderness, and the promise of eternal love.


Limited Edition for Timeless Romance: Embrace the magic of romance with the "Mi Amor" candle from Hines+Young. Order now to experience the epitome of love and passion, and ignite the flames of desire in your heart and home.


Indulge in the essence of love and romance with Hines+Young's "Mi Amor" engraved candle. Because true love knows no bounds.

Customer Reviews

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The cutest Valentines Day gift

I love the light and fresh smell of the capri honeymoon scent and the Mi Amor message was the perfect addition to my Valentine’s Day gift baskets!